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Make Money Anywhere Selling Pout In Pink

Make Money ANYWHERE Selling Pout In Pink Clothing & Accessories

I was a single mom of 3 for a long time. I wanted nothing more to make money from the comfort of my own home, on vacation, or on the go. Now you can do just that by simply using your phone!

If you’re looking to make some extra cash or to build your own empire you’re at the right place!

Pout In Pink is looking for a hand full of Strong, Motivated, Social Media Savvy Women to join our team!

If you LOVE our products and want to make money this is perfect for you!

The average American spends close to 5 hours on their phone, a big percentage of that is on Social Media.

How it works:

1. Text us your First/Last name, along with the link to your Facebook page. Text info to 1-480-809-5442

2. Once approved we will send your own personal discount code. This code is for you and your customers to use offering a 10% discount on all Pout In Pink Products. When your personal code is used you will receive 15% of the subtotal sell of each order placed using your code! We track all sales with personal codes. Each week you will get paid through Pay Pal (must have an account) It’s that easy! You will start with 100 codes, each customer can use the code up to 3 times for repeated sales. You get your very own personal code that can be used up to 10 times!

How do you make sales?

Post on your Social Media: Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Add the PIP product in your stories, on your page, talk to your friends etc. Make sure to include your discount code so you can get your percentage!

You can use any of our photos to promote the product, link it to the direct page, add our link to make it easier and more convenient for your customers. Add it to your Highlights of your stories (make sure to include the code) show your kids wearing it etc. 

Ready to get started and join the PIP Family and start making some money!!

Text us and join us now! 1-480-809-5442 

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