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Meet Summer

My name is Summer Mineer, I am the proud owner of Pout In Pink, LLC.  
I was raised in St. Johns Arizona, a small town of 3,000. I was very fortunate to have parents who taught me the importance of work, dedication and believed in me!

At age 19, I started a Cleaning Business. Broke and knowing I didn't want to work for anyone else, I started cleaning away. By age 20 I had a beautiful family with two beautiful daughters. I stayed at home during the day and ran my cleaning crews at night. We specialize in Commercial Properties and Model Homes which allowed me to create my own schedule. 

LOVING being a stay at home mom I found I had some extra time on my hands. Girly and loving bling myself, I started making matching bows for every outfit my daughters had. I did this for years as a hobby on the side while running my cleaning business, which was my main job at the time.  

At age 29, I had two cleaning businesses and just had a third baby girl! So excited and months before she was due, I started shopping for bling, fluff and frill. While on my online shopping adventures I noticed all of the boutiques I was shopping at were overpriced and didn't have what I was looking for. I wanted something affordable for my girls since I had three, and I knew they would be growing out of everything fast. That's when I decided to start a wholesale boutique of my own. 

After months of thinking and tons of papers full of possible names I finally came up with the name Pout In Pink. Thanks to my gorgeous daughter Harley who was sitting in a pink tutu looking like she was pouting :) When looking at her I said "Look at you pouting in your little pink tutu, you are too cute!" Right then it dawned on me and I knew the new name of my future store, Pout In Pink! 

Having owned a cleaning business for 10 years, I had been saving my money and had instant funding for this store I had just dreamed up. I started sampling amazing products at unbelievable prices and knew other moms out there like me would LOVE these products and prices as well. I knew this was something I truly enjoyed, had a passion for, and absolutely loved! I wanted to offer the trendiest clothing and accessories available at an affordable price! Being the risk taker that I am I started this online business and started having a blast!! 

Months of research, dedication, and PURE EXCITEMENT landed me a second job in the loft of my home in Gilbert, AZ. LOTS of late nights and endless hours of searching for new and exciting products, packing and shipping orders, answering e-mails and calls soon grew faster then I ever expected. Product soon took over my loft, office and garage! I had to move out, my family was sick of having feathers stuck to them and their clothing on a regular basis and wanted their rooms and parking spaces back! :)

From my loft to our AMAZING store in Gilbert AZ is where I went. Since then Pout In Pink has really grown and has an amazing staff who is committed to customer service. We have outgrown our store front and our warehouse, looking to open more stores and hope to continue to grow as we go! 

I owe it all to God for blessing me throughout my life and my three beautiful little girls who have inspired me. I also want to thank my incredible staff, they are amazing and together we make the perfect team! A BIG THANKS to all of our customers, without you none of this would have been possible!


Having 3 daughters, ages 5 years to 16 years and being a single mother I wanted to be able to offer other mothers and women like myself the opportunity to experience the passion, love and success that I have for the boutique business. This business truly inspires me on a daily basis, I have a deep passion and love for it. I know there are many other women out there that do to, and felt as though I could help... 

After a few months of opening our first PIP retail store in Gilbert, AZ we had customers calling, emailing, and asking about how they could become part of PIP. Was there Franchise opportunities? I would literally get hundreds of emails about how other women like myself were inspired by my story and how I got started. How could they start? Could they do the same thing? Was there any advise I could give to them? I received many emails from women stating they had always dreamed of owning their own business but never had the courage or know how on how to start.

After getting such incredible, inspiring feedback from my customers I knew I had and wanted to share what I had created, Pout In Pink...

A few years back before starting Pout In Pink I always wanted to own my own Subway. I had spoke to my family members about the idea and was really serious about putting this plan into action. My thoughts were... Well how hard could it be to hire and manage a few people to make sandwiches all day? (I had managed many crews for my cleaning business for the last 12 years.) All you need is great customer service, a great location, money and they help you from there. I was set on finding the best location possible and really started becoming more serious about owning my own Subway. One night while laying in bed I asked myself... Do I really want to manage and help make sandwiches, bake bread, clean and order food all day??? I knew I was more creative then this. Even though I knew I would be my own boss, and become part of a successful name, I couldn't come to terms with doing something that I didn't have a passion or interest for. Just months after deciding this was not the route for me, is when Pout In Pink was born.

A few years later after opening the first Pout In Pink store, and hearing the incredible feedback and desire from my customers, I decided I was going to make Pout In Pink a Licensing opportunity for all of the other women and husband and wife teams that truly had a passion for this line of work. That wanted to be hands on mothers and fathers and be their own boss at the same time, while reaping the benefits of success and accomplishment. For me being a mother of three, family comes first. I have always loved to work and find much joy and sense of accomplishment in doing so. Already having a successful cleaning business and wanting to start another business, I wanted to be involved in something that I LOVED and had a PASSION for. That could provide for my family, and still allow me to spend quality time with my loved ones. It was important to me to be able to take the girls to school and pick them up. Attend soccer and dance. These things were a major priority to me and PIP allowed me to do so. Not only was family a priority to me but having a successful business of my own was always one of my goals. Having financial freedom is what I was seeking and have accomplished. I want to share all of this and be right by the side of others who have the same desires and interests. To support, talk, walk them through and be a successful leader in helping these individuals succeed. I always call PIP my 4th baby, because it is...Hard work, dedication, honesty and sacrifice have got me to where I am today. Humbly I thank God everyday for allowing me to be part of such a great organization as well as my family members who have been so understanding and helpful.

The Pout In Pink Licensing Agreement is truly unique opportunity in many ways. It's unique because of the people we have on our PIP team, what we expect, and how high we set our goals and hold our standards. Here at Pout In Pink we are committed to customer service! We carry hard to find, high quality products and unbelievable prices. I am determined to find other women, and couples out there to join our team that are just as passionate about being part of the PIP team as I am. I want to be able to help these women and teams succeed. Experience financial freedom as I have been able to experience over the last 12 years in business and watch them grow. I want our PIP Franchisees to be proud of the name Pout In Pink and what they have to offer in their stores. For their customers to be happy, loyal and refer all back to us. A Pout In Pink Franchise allows entrepreneurs to take advantage of a proven business model and do business under a brand name that already has market recognition and a loyal customer following. 

Not only does Pout In Pink offer adorable clothing and accessories for girls but we just started to get our boy line in as well, Pout In Blue. This is an exciting additional and we can not wait to see it grow. Pout In Blue has just started to get introduced to our local AZ stores! Pout In Pink also offers Birthday's! This is a great additional to our Franchisees by being able to bring customers in for parties and fun, sell product, and a great way for local advertising! 

What we are looking for in becoming part of the PIP Licensee Family: The Pout In Pink Licensee team is looking for ambitious, motivated entrepreneurs to join our amazing team! If you have a passion for the boutique business and everything girly this is the place for you! We offer thorough training at our corporate store now located in Gilbert, AZ. We make it easy to own your own Pout In Pink store, low cost and overhead to get started. We have a special product line we offer if for our Licensees to carry and is not sold to anyone else. This is an exclusive line that only PIP Licensee member are entitled too. They are also entitled to anything else PIP might carry online as well. We have tremendous buying power so keep costs as low as possible for all stores. 

When the PIP Team receives an application these are the things we are looking for: Financials, Demographics are very important, personality, is this individual able to work with people, and with children? Do they seem to have a passion for this business? Location is very important, will they be running their store alone in the beginning or have help? We also look at abilities, interests, commitments, special interests, strengths, weeknesses, employment history and so on.

Summer Mineer

Pout In Pink Est. 2008