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Wholesale & Drop Shipping

Do You Offer Wholesale?

The most frequently asked question we get is do you sell wholesale? 

YES, we sure do!

All the prices you see on the website are wholesale prices. No tax id required, special groups, or jumping through hoops. All you have to do is start shopping! If you are a business or a customer who LOVES to shop Pout In Pink here are some additional ways to save!

1. Spend over $150.00 or more and receive FREE SHIPPING! US Only

2. Spend $75.00 and receive 5% off your order use code WS5

3. Spend over $250.00 and receive 10% off your order using the code WS10 

4. The more you spend the more you save with our rewards program! See info listed below:

$$ NEW Rewards Program $$ 


$ Receive 2 points for every dollar spent $

Here’s how the point system works


2 Reward Points for every dollar spent $

200 Reward Points for New Registration $

225 Reward Points for Newsletter Signup $

500 Reward Points (That's $5.00!) for Referring Us on Facebook, Twitter, or Email $

Please see details below for these 500 points 

Earn 500 Points - Receive a $5.00 Gift Card 

Earn 1000 Points - Receive a $10.00 Gift Card

Earn 1500 Points - Receive a $15.00 Gift Card

Earn 2000 Points - Receive a $20.00 Gift Card

Earn 2500 Points - Receive a $25.00 Gift Card

Earn 3000 Points - Receive a $30.00 Gift Card

Earn 5000 Points - Receive a $50.00 Gift Card


How do I see how many points I have? 

Log into your account. Once you are in your account scroll down until you see MY REWARDS. The total number of point will be listed in this section. 

How do I redeem my points?

Log into your account. Once you are in your account scroll down until you see MY REWARDS. The total number of point will be listed in this section. Once you see how many points you have click REDEEM. 

Choose what amount you would like to redeem by adding the product to your cart and checking out. Once you check out your Rewards/Gift Voucher will be issued to you. You can use it towards your next purchase or redeem it first then go shopping. You must redeem the voucher prior to shopping it will not take the amount off automatically. 

I Referred a friend via Facebook, Twitter and or Email and didn’t receive my points, why?

The person that shared the link (you) provided a discount code from Pout In Pink to the person it was shared with. Once the code is used at checkout the points will be reward points will be applied. 500 points is worth $5 so every person that purchases from your referral will bring you $5.00 coupon codes to use.

Do You Offer Drop Shipping?

Yes, we offer drop shipping. We can Drop Ship anywhere you would like! You simply place your order for your customer online. We ship the merchandise to your customer directly from you. The billing info is where the merchandise will be coming from. The shipping info is your customers info. We do not include any receipts, that's online for your records under your account info. The shipping label shows your info as well. Clothing does not include any type of Pout In Pink label. You may use our pics, size charts, descriptions etc as long as you are purchasing the product through us. There is no minimum purchase to take advantage of the service and this service is FREE. We do not supply data sheets, it would be up to you to keep tabs on inventory. Most of our drop shippers will drop ship the newest looks as we get them in weekly. This lessens the chance of inventory not being in stock and offers your customers the newest, trendiest looks! Make sure to add the drop ship service to each order. You can do this by going to services and selecting drop ship to the order you plan to drop ship or you can simply put "drop ship" in the comments of your order at checkout. This item is to be selected with your drop shipping order. If selected alone, this will be marked as shipped right away and is not treated like a drop ship order. If you have any questions or concerns about our drop shipping please call us at 480-809-5442. 
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Earn Rewards!